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Inconsolable GhostHakim Bey Channelling

Hakim Bey – ghost
Anthea Caddy – cello
Hilary Jeffery – trombone
Eleni Poulou – keyboard, electronics
Zsolt Sőrés Ahad – viola, electronics


Queens Funeral Music

Henry Purcell’s classic funeral march from 1695
arranged, played and recorded by #hiljef @ #berlintune studio in early May 2022


Mood Indigo

Duke Ellington’s classic ballad from 1930
arranged, played and recorded by #hiljef @ #berlintune studio in late April 2022


Tuning Monastery


Нежность” (Tenderness)

Minor Tom

Ekaterina Efremova – vocals, guitar, electronics
Andrey Gaiduk aka 23:59 – computer
Hilary Jeffery – trombone, computer
Svetlana Matveeva – vocals, keyboard, electronics
Timur Mizinov – guitar, electronics
Anna Rotar – trombone
Maria Rusinovskaya – production, logistics, co-curator and facilitator
Victor Skorbenko – vocals, guitar, electronics
Kristin Alsos Strand – cello

composed by Aleksandra Pakhmutova, lyrics by Nikolay Dobronravov and Sergey Grebennikov (1966)
recorded live at Murmansk Spaceport on 28 November 2015
edited and mixed by Hilary Jeffery at Berlintune Studio 2022


moving places
interplanetary hyperspace

ellen arkbro + #hiljef

NTS Radio