mining for modulations

Mining for Modulations part 1

[AUDIO] ↓ recorded at KM28, Berlin on 11 September 2020

Zinc & Copper
Robin Hayward – tuba
Hilary Jeffery – trombone
Elena Kakaliagou – french horn
Dearbhla Nolan – flugelhorn



Inspired by the full and dark sound of British brassbands, “Mining for Modulations” evokes a nostalgic vision of the British Isles. Resonating with William Blake’s visions and eminiscent of the 1980s miner’s strike as immortalised in Mark Herman’s film “Brassed Off”. Composed in 2020 for Zinc & Copper’s first Well Tuned Brass series and also a contribution to Augustin Maurs’ project KANÔN, QĀNŪN, CANON (…) Playing Differences – a suite of practices, pieces and concerts.

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