Bridge Call

Organza Ray

Hilary Jeffery – trombone
Eleni Pouloue – synthesizer

recorded at the end of 2022 on a dark Berlin night
a dialogue between syntheziser and trombone
recorded directly without overdubs.

Our new album was recorded at the end of 2022 on a dark Berlin night. A dialogue between syntheziser and trombone, recorded directly without overdubs.

Hieroglyphic Being + Organza Ray

live concert by Hieroglyphic Being and Organza Ray at Cashmere on Saturday, April 8, 2023 following his week-long residency at Cashmere Radio where he recorded with Organza Ray (Hilary Jeffery and Elope host Eleni Poulou)



Organza Ray

Hilary Jeffery – computer, music, voice
Eleni Poulou – lyrics, voice


Angelic Shadow

Hilary Jeffery – brass
Eleni Poulou – synthesizer
Zinc & Copper – shadow brass