1 MAY 2024

Organza Ray
you dream in fire but work in paper i dream in paper but work in fire

Organza Ray – live at SUPERBOOTH23

Hilary Jeffery – tromboscillator
Eleni Poulou – synthesizer, vocals
James Main – vocals
Wolfgang Seidel – synthesizer, electronics

Sunday 11 February @ 23:30 CET

Documentaire: Hommage à C.C. Hennix

photo: Ari Marcopoulo

Amelia Cuni (1958–2024)

Eleni Poulou
KASTRA (Stegi Radio)

“Winter Future”
new tracks by Organza Ray w/ Hayden Chisholm and Simon Rose recorded this winter plus “Watermill” by TONALIENS with Amelia Cuni

James Fulkerson – trombone
Hilary Jeffery – trombone
Mark Morse – electric guitars

recorded live at Outline Gallery Amsterdam on 28 February 2009