katendrecht spacepoort

Katendrecht Spacepoort 2008

In 2008 hilary jeffery devised an environment for a three hour long event in Katendrecht – the old innercity harbour district of Rotterdam. The dark and abandoned atmosphere of this location at that time lent itself very well to the temporary establishment of a new kind of harbour environment, a “spaceport” designed to encourage introspection. “Katendrecht Spacepoort” was produced by the “polymorhpic production platform” De Player in Rotterdam, and is documented in the publication “COM.POST #3”.


[VIDEO] Katendrecht Spacepoort

start of the trip…


Hilary Jeffery – trombone and tromboscillator
Chris Long – accordion and electronics
Anne Wellmer – analogue electronics and harmonium

recorded live at DE PLAYER Rotterdam on 22 March 2008 by Johan de Koeyer
edited + mixed + arranged by Hilary Jeffery at the HilCave Amsterdam, July – September 2008

[AUDIO] departure

[AUDIO] suspension

[AUDIO] vortex

[AUDIO] floatation

[AUDIO] arrival