don’t be redneck, be a blueneck!

take the centre exit
of the fading blue temple building
which is a third space in-between

not one thing or another
sliding through a silent corridoor
into a space beyond the silence

the exit is the entrance
offering a way through the blue smoke
to a misty seashore where a voice shouts


“You’re on Earth. There’s no cure for that.”
Samuel Beckett – Endgame

if i were a fat cat

If I Were A Fat Cat

While practising tuba, shortly after the Corona shutdown started in Berlin, I found myself playing the melody of “I Were A Rich Man” from the musical “Fiddler On The Roof”, while playing this song new lyrics came to me and I realised I had to record them. The lyrics refer to fat cats of this world – if they were to pay their dues (as most of us already do) and share their wealth which many people actually help to generate worldwide, they would help to solve many of the economic and other problems caused by this crisis. I do not have many naïve illusions or hopes that this utopian-psychedelic-Brechtian-anthem will change much, but at least its hopefully some entertainment for friends and colleagues.

Field Notes Berlin:


Hilary Jeffery
23 April 2020