11 June 2021

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Pat O’Neill narrates his photographs
edited by Martha Colburn
music “Suspension” (2008) by Hilary Jeffery

Pentecost Park Scene
Tiergarten Berlin
22 May 2021


17 May 2021


RIP George Adamis

Sand / Mrsapple “Robins Wurl”

George Adamis – vocals
Neil Griffiths – guitar
Hilary Jeffery – trombone
Tim Wright – computer, programming

released on Satellite Records in 1998

Yorgos Adamis Obituary

Berlintune Conversations

launched on 20 March 2021

conversations during the paradigm shift, conducted by Hilary Jeffery with friends around the World



There’s no hiding place down here
There’s no hiding place down here
Oh I ran to the rock to hide my face
The rock cried out – “No hiding place”
No hiding place down here

Slow Gold