Catherine Christer Hennix

photo: Ari Marcopoulo

on this planet from 1948 – 2023

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photo: Lena Tuzzolino

Future Sounds Of Kraut Vol. 1
compiled by Fred und Luna

featuring “Preen Scene” by Organza Ray

Elope #48
Philip Corner + Christian Wolff

New show on Eleni Poulou’s show “Elope” (Cashmere Radio) featuring the music of Philip Corner and Christian Wolff!


An Online Education to End All Pandemics For Good

Finally, The Show is Over 🙂

Extradition Plays Philip Corner [DD]

The Art of No​-​Art – Nos. 375, 294, 228, 275, 367 & 264 (2020​–​21)
played by ETUDE
Hilary Jeffery – trombone, whistling
Eleni Poulou – synthesizer
Franz Schütte – whistling
Zsolt Sőrés – viola, whistling

Microtonal Memory I: Polymelody (1998​)
played by ORGANZA RAY
Hilary Jeffery – trombone
Eleni Poulou – synthesizer

Microtonal Memory II: Harmony Stasis (1998​)​, realization 1 + Electrickhummmmmmmmmmmm (2007)
played by ETUDE
Hayden Chisholm – alto saxophone
Hilary Jeffery – trombone, electronics
Eleni Poulou – synthesizer

Bridge Call

Organza Ray

Hilary Jeffery – trombone
Eleni Pouloue – synthesizer

recorded at the end of 2022 on a dark Berlin night
a dialogue between syntheziser and trombone
recorded directly without overdubs.

Our new album was recorded at the end of 2022 on a dark Berlin night. A dialogue between syntheziser and trombone, recorded directly without overdubs.

Hieroglyphic Being + Organza Ray

live concert by Hieroglyphic Being and Organza Ray at Cashmere on Saturday, April 8, 2023 following his week-long residency at Cashmere Radio where he recorded with Organza Ray (Hilary Jeffery and Elope host Eleni Poulou)


Organza Ray

Hilary Jeffery – computer, music, voice
Eleni Poulou – lyrics, voice

Mining for Modulations part 2
Long Forest

Hilary Jeffery – brass
Eleni Poulou – synthesizer
Zinc & Copper – shadow brass