new releases 2012


zeitkratzer directed by Reinhold Friedl

Reinhold Friedl – piano
Frank Gratkowski – reeds
Hilary Jeffery – trombone
Christian Lillinger – drums, percussion
Anton Lukoszevieze – violoncello
Ulrich Phillipp – doublebass
Burkhard Schlothauer – violin
Hild Sofie Tafjord – french horn
Marc Weiser – voice

label: Bocian Records /


Neue Volksmusik

directed by Reinhold Friedl
Klaus Dobbrick – sound
Reinhold Friedl – piano, voice
Frank Gratkowski – reeds, voice
Hilary Jeffery – trombone, alphorn, voice
Lisa Marie Landgraf – violin, voice
Anton Lukoszevieze – cello, voice
Maurice de Martin – drums, voice
Ulrich Phillipp – double bass, voice
Hilde Sofie Tafjord – french horn, alphorn, voice
Marc Weiser – guitar, voice

Recorded live in Altdorf, Switzerland

label: zeitkratzer procuctions /

JULY 2012


featuring the LYSN track “Eleven Legs Landing”

label: Mikroton Recordings /

MAY 2012

Ecstatic Landing

Burkhard Beins – zither, objects, electronics
Alfredo Genovesi – electric guitar, electronics
Rozemarie Heggen – electric bass
Steve Heather – drums, percussion
Hilary Jeffery – trombone, keyboards, electronics

Recorded: LoveLite Studio Berlin by Jochen Stroh
Mixed: Hilcave Amsterdam by Hilary Jeffery

label: Aquarellist /

MAY 2012

Eric Thielemanns
EARR plays a Snare is a Bell

Jorgen Cassier – voice
Claron McFadden – voice
Jozef Dumoulin – piano & keyboards
Jean-Yves Evrard – guitar
Peter Jacquemyn – double bass
Hilary Jeffery – trombone
Eric Thielemanns – snaredrum, drums, musical direction

label: Sub Rosa /

APRIL 2012

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation

Sarah Anderson – violin, electronics
Eelco Bosman – guitar, electronics
Charlotte Cegarra – vocals, electronics
Ron Goris – drums
Hilary Jeffery – trombone, electronics
Gideon Kiers – electronics
Jason Kohnen – bass, electronics

Recorded live in Moscow

labels: TKDE / Denovali Records

MARCH 2012

Hilary Jeffery
Tibetan Tunnels / Bands of Light EP

performed live by LYSN

Tom Bugs – electric guitar, bugbrand drone machine
Seamus Cater – harmonicas
James Fulkerson – trombone
Johan De Koeyer – sound
Alfredo Genovesi – electric guitar, electronics
Rozemarie Heggen – double bass
Nina Hitz – cello
Hilary Jeffery – trombone, melodica, electronics
Noortje Köhne – viola
David Murphy – tenor sax

recorded live at De Zondvloed, Rotterdam by Johan De Koeyer – 2 December 2006
mixed in Amsterdam by Hilary Jeffery – 2007
remixed and edited in Berlin by Hilary Jeffery – 2011
artwork by Stefan Kushima
inlay by Richard Herbst

label: dilemma records /


Live at the Grimm Museum

Amelia Cuni – voice
Robin Hayward – microtonal tuba
Catherine Christer Hennix – voice, computer, sine waves, live electronics
Hilary Jeffery – trombone
Michael Northam – time-mirage delay, sound engineer
recorded live in Berlin by Werner Durand and Michael Northam
mixed by Werner Durand, Catherine Christer Hennix and Michael Northam
mastered by Ralf Meinz

labels: Important Records / Sonic Acts

bookmark_bordersilentpost 2012

2012 = silence + space

what do ideas sound like before they become words?
what could a pre-language state sound like? what could a post-language state sound like?
what are the sound differences between internal dialogues and spoken words?
how can one explore the spaces between words and music…
and the pure-sound background of both?
why is it so joyful to experience non-verbal states…
when all internal and external dialogues cease?

these questions have been the focus of a research period in Paris from January to March 2012
emerging from this research is a new composition created for the following performance

choreography by Deborah Hay

Louise Desbrusses – adaptation and performance
Hilary Jeffery – composition
music composed at GRM Studios, Paris

for the realisation of this work Hilary Jeffery
was a laureate of the City of Paris and Institute Francais
art-in-residence programme at the Recollets
from January to March 2012

by bringing attention to all sounds in the environment as potential music
the work of John Cage also brings to our attention internal sounds
these include physical, mental and imaginative sounds
this focus has influenced me in my work of creating a music of “inner (= outer) space”
this work is an exploration of musical space which implies and sometimes leads to a realm of supposedly impossible silence

written for the exhibtion:

Membra Disjecta for John Cage. Wanting to Say Something About John
exhibition at freiraum quartier21 – MuseumsQuartierWien
curated by Jozef Cseres and Georg Weckwerth

january -> april 2012 : silent recollection in paris