Kreepa appeared as a surrealistic electro-acoustic ensemble in 2000 led by Hilary Jeffery and John Richards following intensive recording sessions in Leicester (UK), where extended instrumental improvisations were combined with simple electronic textures produced on a personal computer

the contrabass recorder player Cesar Villavicencio joined the group after meeting Jeffery in the Meta Orchestra at Dartington International Summer School (2000)

Villavicencio’s specially designed hybrid instrument was christened the Eraser Recorder, other new instruments were soon developed by the group include the Tromboscillator and Kreepback Instrument

recording continued throughout 2001 at kreepastudio in Leicester (UK), including further sessions with Cesar Villavicencio and also with the phenomenal saxophonist Paul Dunmall

these original recordings became part of two extremely limited edition CD-R releases entitled “Issue One” and “Issue Two” respectively

during 2002 Kreepa collaborated with the American dancer and choreographer Aurora Corsano, this work started with a performance at the Metronom Festival in Barcleona, followed by a residency at STEIM (NL) which culminated in a multi-disciplinary performance at the Frascati Theatre in Amsterdam featuring music, film, dance, live electronics, hybrid instruments and also Paul Dunmall as guest soloist

in 2004 Kreepa organised a special one-off concert with Walter Fabeck at Trinity Buoy Wharf in London with a “kruise” which took the audience along the Thames in a boat equipped with a multi-channel sound system, to and from the venue

since October 2000 Kreepa have performed internationally with various line-ups at many venues in the UK, Netherlands, Germany and Spain

further activities have included collaboration with ‘grindcore’ specialists Black Galaxy (Nicholas James Bullen and Simon Mabbott) including performances at the festivals Sonar in Barcelona (2007) and Supersonic in Birmingham (2005)

in 2007 Kreepa released their debut album “Inside-A-Sekt” on the label Monium, this release summarises the unique approach of this strangely entertaining group

at the outset of their work Kreepa defined their artistic approach in the following manifesto:


– our music is made from essential elements

– we make complex forms through minimal means

– our sound is electronic and physical

– we create improvised scenarios that connect live performance with electronic systems –

– our compositions explore the dynamic interplay between acousmatic, synthesis and instrumental approaches –

– we amplify and expand acoustic movement and music through microphones and sensors –

– our concerts are site specific the physical dimensions and acoustic properties of a venue are used as an integral part of performance –

– we generate an enveloping listening experience with multi-speaker diffusion –

– we use the movement of sound in space as an essential musical parameter –

our performers are wired

we make dangerous cabarets