Inconsolable Ghost


“tapping into signals from beyond, broadcasting into haunted cinemas…”

inconsolable ghost conjure up a twenty-first century vision of spiritism, channelling energies, atmospheres, ghosts, spirits, thought forms and other entities…


Their live shows are deeply atmospheric channelling events. The first channelling took place at OT301 – the old film academy in Amsterdam. There followed two Central European tours in 2014 and 2015 which brought the group to haunted sites in Vienna, Bratislava, Topolcany, Budapest, Ostrava and Zagreb. These tours featured collaborations with the Japanese filmmaker Makino Takashi, the Hungarian viola player Zsolt Sőrés Ahad, the Berlin duo Hacklander \ Hatam and the Australian cellist Anthea Caddy. More recent events include a spectacular channelling in the haunted cinema of Sokołowsko in Poland and an evocative performance about psychosis at the spooky Castel Nuovo in Naples.


music by Inconsolable Ghost is featured in Andrey Iskanov’s film “Visions of Suffering: Final Directors Cut”

Makino Takashi’s film “Ghost of 301” – featuring music from the first Amsterdam channelling – won the Best Film Prize in the Avant Garde Competition Festival de Cine Lima Independiente 2014